Purchase and sale of companies, capital injection and M&A

We are very experienced in providing advice on purchase and sale of companies, including mergers and capital injection, as we have worked in this area for more than 15 years.

During our many years as advisors for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies we have assisted in more than 100 transactions, from very small to very large transactions.

Typically we represent the company, but sometimes we also represent the investor or the buyer.

The purpose of our advice is to ensure that the investment, the purchase or the sale is a positive experience for all parties.

As we are very experienced in providing advice to entrepreneurs, we are able to make even complex transactions rather simple.

We are familiar with, if not all, then the vast majority of combinations used in purchases, sales and investments.

We can assist in drafting or reviewing term sheets, drafting acquisition or investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements, articles of association, warrant schemes, documents regarding general meetings, capital increases, issuance of convertible bonds or warrants, registers of shareholders and any other documents required to complete a transaction.

We also provide advice on how a business prepare to be sold or to obtain capital.

Our experience also comprises more complicated due diligence processes from very large mergers and acquisitions in the technology or rights-based industries where we have assisted larger law firms with no specialist skills in the due diligence process.

We work both in Danish and English.

We know from our customers that our terms are competitive.

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