Organisation – Choice of business form

As the owner of a new company, you have to decide which business form is most suitable for you, your product and your financial situation

The business form will affect things like taxation, requirements for accounting, what financial risks you are willing to take, and how much capital you have at your disposal.

Let us help you analyse your business thoroughly, and let us consider together what business form is best for your entrepreneurial idea. Will it be right for you to start as a sole trader, form a partnership, or set up a private limited company or a joint stock company.

Remember to consider taxation issues as you decide on the right business form, and let us map out your capital needs, so that your new business remains afloat after the challenging first stages. We collaborate with several accountants, and will find the right team for the task.

It is no more difficult than that – as long as you think things over carefully before leaping out into a new venture.


Agreements between the owners of the business

As prerequisites when two or more people decide to set up a business together, they must have a certain amount of empathy, a lot of shared passion, and shared values in some form. If you ask our opinion, it is just as important, however, to have the contractual foundations in place before launching the business.

These agreements between the owners of a company have to stand up to a great deal, perhaps over many years. New people may join, and some situations may lead to disagreements, anger and even divorce. The contract between the owners must make allowances in advance for all these situations, so that unnecessary conflicts are avoided.

It is absolutely vital that the owners are quite clear about what they expect of each other – before the daily routines are fixed and work calls. How much time and effort will be invested in the company, and how “collective” is its mindset? Who is responsible for what, and what will happen if one of them wants to leave the company? How will you enforce the promises you made to each other when you set up the business?

We have many years of practical experience of clarifying expectations and basing them on clear-cut, solid and well-founded agreements. So would you like us to help you too?

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