It costs money to run a company, not to mention making a profit

When you land an order, there is often a long way to go before the work is completed, the invoice is sent off, and the customer has paid you. Running your own company requires liquid assets, and entrepreneurs are not usually wealthy when they set up in business. They have a wealth of ideas, indeed. But not necessarily money in the bank.

In other words the necessary capital base must come from elsewhere, and that is precisely what we can help you to find. In fact that is the only way you will have the peace of mind to concentrate on running your business, attend to those vital customers, build up your turnover and ensure profitability.

If you do not have a sufficient capital base to draw on, your company will easily be shaken by fluctuations in the market, and be vulnerable if you lose customers. You will not be able to act freely and independently, either.

We have helped many entrepreneurs to raise the necessary capital, which may be in the form of:

  • Bank loans
  • Overdraft account
  • Or come from investors such as venture capital funds, business angels, or other funds and schemes
  • Surety from the Danish Fund for Industrial Growth (Vækstfonden)
  • Factoring companies

Let us take charge of negotiations and agreements of that sort, and you can concentrate on your business instead. But make sure you start early enough – it takes time to raise capital.

Make use of our services to avoid the classic pitfalls. Have you found the right investor? Have you really secured enough capital? And is it the right kind of capital on the right terms?

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