Organisation and finances

Direction, management and strategy

We have many years of experience in working as directors. We do not regard our role as “the lawyer on the Board”, but as part of the management team that makes an active contribution by sounding out ideas and developing the business. With this approach we serve today as professional business partners on a number of boards, who draw on our theoretical and practical experience. We serve on the Boards of following companies:

  • SCR Ciklum A/S
  • Millstone A/S
  • Munin Sports ApS
  • ApS
  • Mobile Industrial Robots ApS
  • Flexcompetence AB

We do not regard sitting on the Board as “just another day at the office”. We are committed with heart and mind to the companies where we serve as directors.

Raising capital

Money is necessary in order to run a business. Characteristic for companies with secure futures is that they have suitably solid capital reserves that allow them freedom to act in almost any way they choose. Without sufficient capital reserves, a company is easily shaken by fluctuations in the market, and vulnerable if it loses customers or key employees. It will not be able to act freely and independently, either.

We have been able to help companies on many occasions to build up the necessary foundations of capital to run and develop their business. Factoring, issuing shares and bank loans are just three examples of financial adjustments that can be increased or decreased as required, depending on the situation. Again, as in so many other situations in the “life” of a company, flexible agreements are an important prerequisite for finding the best solution for the company.

Let us sit at your side next time you need to identify and negotiate your company’s capital requirements. And no less important, let us help you find that capital at the right price.

Reconstruction of your company

Even good companies can run into problems. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Most problems can be solved, if you start working on a solution in time.

We have extensive experience of getting companies afloat again. We can work with figures and strategy, and naturally, we know about the legal considerations all the way. Including bankruptcy law, of course. We will help to bring money to light, trim costs, bring in qualified help, or whatever is necessary to get your company safely back on course. If that is not possible, we can also give qualified assistance with winding up under control, so that as many values as possible are preserved.

Company owners often go round far too long, worrying alone or only with those closest to them. The most effective solutions are often found when someone from outside looks at the situation with fresh eyes.

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