Motivating your employees

In a knowledge society like the one we have in Denmark, employees are the most important requirement for a business to run satisfactorily – with regard to turnover, the quality of the work, customer loyalty and profitability. For the same reasons recruiting and retaining the right key employees will be vital to sound development in the company.

Recruiting and retaining an employee is a question of motivating him or her in a suitable way. This will often be on an individual basis. However, motivation can take many forms, depending on what type of employee we are dealing with. We help clients to identify the optimum schemes and then tailor them to real life in the company. This could mean:

  • Bonus schemes
  • Agreements on supplementary training
  • Warrants or rights to buy shares
  • Employee benefits such as a computer at home, an Internet connection, a free car, fitness scheme or the like
  • Company bonds
  • Share options
  • Pension schemes

Let us take part in the negotiations – on your side of the table.

Recruitment and employment

There are many pitfalls in the legalities of recruitment. Are you allowed, for instance, to ask about health matters, plans for a family or religious beliefs at a job interview? It must not give any impression that there was discrimination in the recruitment process. We help you prepare, so that you put the questions you want to ask in the right way and handle the situation fairly.

The contracts you sign must be correct. Have you thought about what signals you are sending in the wording of employment contracts for your future employees? The content and choice of wording should reflect your values and the image you want to put across. Would you like to let us look through your contracts and make legal and commercial suggestions?

There are many agreements that together will form the basis for a solid, future-safe and mutually satisfactory appointment of a new employee. Following are examples of matters it is advisable to have regulated in written agreements and have in place before the term of employment begins:

  • A carefully prepared employment contract – in compliance with the law
  • Non-solicitation and non-competition clauses
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Clauses about various rights
  • IT policy
  • Policy on use of the social media
  • Flextime schemes
  • Bonus schemes

“Getting the papers in order” is more or less a prerequisite for a successful term of employment, since both parties then know the framework for their relations, and have agreed in advance on their expectations. It is also a legal requirement.

We can help you lay the foundations for a good appointment, and we have helped many companies to do it smoothly. Give us a call and let us help you too.


The same issues arise when a company and an employee go their separate ways, whether notice is given, or whether it is a case of dismissal. Here it is equally important that the company’s actions are structured, professional and correct. Agreements answering following questions are necessary here too:

  • Does the company wish, for instance, to place the employee under the non-competition clause? – If so, what will it cost the company?
  • Has holiday pay been settled?
  • Was there a share-option scheme?
  • Was notice or notification of dismissal given correctly?
  • Was it duly acknowledged?

If a dispute arises

Let us help you find a good settlement if you have a dispute with an employee. Tell us about it as early as possible – and very preferably before it escalates into a conflict. We can help you best by starting early to reach a compromise, so that you, the employee and your organisation can put the dispute behind you.

If it is not possible to agree on a good solution for all parties, we will naturally support you at all levels in the civil courts or in industrial procedures to settle disputes.

Want to learn more about Motivating company employees and how we might help you?