Conflicts and how to settle them

No matter how correctly a company behaves, it will run into a conflict at one point or another

In these situations it is important to have a fixed strategy aimed at finding the best commercial solution that can be worked out. You should only go to court when all other possibilities are exhausted.

If you do finally end up in court, you must make sure you are well prepared. It is one thing to know you are right but it is quite another matter to prove it and receive what you are entitled to. Ask our advice at an early stage – and consider taking out insurance to provide optimum legal assistance if things reach that stage. Justice can on occasions be costly and time-consuming, if a conflict reaches a deadlock and ends in court.

For our part we will do everything we can to help our clients to avoid ending up in court. However, if it proves necessary as a last resort, we will naturally give you our support.

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