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Buying, selling and tendering

Sales of goods and services

Sales are a prior assumption for all businesses, so the right set-up is important for your sales. Consider following questions when you make your set-up for sales:

  • What are you selling? You must be conscious of what is characteristic of your product. What are the advantages? What will the buyer gain from it?
  • When are you selling? Be prepared for seasonal fluctuations. Don’t sell firewood cheaply in the summer, when you could sell it at a high price in the colder months.
  • Where are you selling? Consider where you are active – don’t try to sell ice cubes in the Antarctic or sand in the Sahara.
  • To whom are you selling? Review your potential customers and decide which will have priority – perhaps you primarily want to sell to thoroughly solid companies with healthy growth curves?

In other words, be aware of precisely how your products or services match your target groups, your calendar and your sales channels. What are you selling, where, and who are you selling it to?

Let us help you work out your sales strategy, so that you get off to the best possible start.

Business on the Internet

Before you start up your business on the Internet, you should think carefully about the special rules and formalities that apply here.

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IT and invitations to tender

It costs a great deal in time and money to take part in competitive bidding for IT contracts. At the same time, the slightest technical slip might make you unable to take part, even if your offer was the best or the cheapest. That is why it is important to get qualified advice from the start, to give you the best chances of winning the order.

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Acquisitions and sales of companies

Buying or selling a company is almost like taking a big exam. You have to prepare the details carefully, attend the introductory meetings, make further preparations and meet again to sign and shake hands on the deal.

We know all the technical and legal phases, and indeed all the human phases you have to go through too, when you sell your company or buy one.

Even small technical slips can prove expensive. So come and talk to us as early in the process as possible. That will secure your chances of a good result, and we will make sure that the contract is sealed at the right price. That particular way of doing business – where everyone concerned is treated fairly and goes home satisfied with the deal – is what we normally contribute to.

But come and see for yourself what we are referring to, next time you are thinking about buying or selling.

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