Our network

Networking is a natural and essential part of running a company, and doing it by yourself is rather lonely. We always try to make active use of our networks. We take part ourselves in a number of different networks, such as, Connect Denmark, the Danish IT Society, the IT IP Law Group Europe, the Association of Danish IT Attorneys and a circle of accountants.

When you are our client, our networks are your networks. We consider it an obligation to make our networks available to clients. For one thing, we believe it is in our clients’ interest. Apart from that, we simply cannot stop ourselves from forming business connections when we find them.

We enjoy taking part at events to discuss business ethics, develop new ideas, share knowledge and look at our everyday business from a different angle. We join groups like that, because we have a lot to say ourselves, and we also believe that as lawyers it is good for us to be exposed to new thoughts and ideas, different ways of doing things and new views on old habits.

Our networks also include a number of bank connections, and as a minimum we endeavour to introduce our new clients to them.

A network can be formed, but never completed. It must constantly be extended, revitalised and supplemented. That is why we are always ready to invite other specialists for a cup of coffee, so that we can open up new opportunities for collaboration.


Do you need a lawyer abroad?

At Integra Law we are proud of being the only Danish member of the IT IP LAW GROUP EUROPE.

The group includes specialists firms from all over Europe, and through its members we can also find good lawyers outside Europe.

If you need expert legal assistance abroad, we and our capable colleagues in the group can help you make a good start.

As the name of the group suggests, its members are very much concerned with IT law, but they are legal firms who can also assist in many other ways.

Give us a call, and you can be sure of effective and qualified legal assistance outside Denmark as well.