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What will it cost?

It is one of our principles that you should have a chance to meet us before we start counting the minutes we will charge for. If you do not want to continue with us as your legal advisers after the first contact, there will be no bill.

We make use of three different methods of payment, for two reasons:

1) Because we want to show that our rates are 100% transparent

2) To be flexible and let our clients choose which method they prefer.

We believe in the basic principle of providing value and solutions for our clients. Value can easily cost a lot of money, but is not necessarily expensive.

Annual agreements

You can choose to outsource all your company’s legal business to us. For a fixed annual fee we then act as your – externally located – legal department. You then have access to top expertise when you need it most. At a fixed overall rate.

Hourly rates

You can also choose to pay at our hourly rates, which vary from EUR 200 to 400 excluding VAT – depending on what assistance you need and who performs the assignment. Work carried out by the law studens is charged for at an hourly rate of EUR 75 excluding VAT.

Fixed rate

If the assignment is suitable, we can quote a fixed rate. With us, a fixed rate is a fixed rate. You can rely on it. The advantage for you is that you know what it will cost to carry out your assignment. The advantage for us is that we know precisely what we will do for you. Many of our clients like fixed rates.


Bank details

Trading account
Sydbank, 6824-1004768
BIC code/SWIFT address: SYBKDK22
IBAN number: DK7468240001004768

Client account
Sydbank, 6824-1005773
BIC code/SWIFT address: SYBKDK22
IBAN number: DK0268240001005773