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About Integra Law

Integra Law comprises Henrik Mansfeldt Witt, attorney, Robert Jønsson, attorney, and Kim G. Hansen, attorney. We are all confirmed entrepreneurs and, in all modesty, we are among best attorneys in Denmark in our fields.

We specialise in:

IT law is concerned with how to secure yourself best in connection with buying and selling IT, including services. Internet legislation is intended to create agreements leading to optimal use of the Internet, where the rules are different from those that apply in the physical world.

Intellectual property rights are designed to protect all your assets and make sure that you do not unintentionally violate other people’s rights.

We advise entrepreneurs throughout the process of protecting inventions and ideas, through choosing organisational form and financing to establishing networks.

A network can be formed, but never completed. It must constantly be extended, revitalised and supplemented. That is why we are always ready to invite other specialists for a cup of coffee, so that we can open up new opportunities for collaboration.